How to beat Ziggs
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Try to avoid being in the center of Ziggs' ultimate, as it deals more damage in the center. Report
Avoid stepping on Ziggs' mines! They will deal damage as well as slow you, making it easier for him to land more skills. Report
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Avoid Staying near of minions, so he can't use is bomb on them and damage you at the same time. Report
If you're lucky to play an assasin agaisnt him (Zed, Kha'Zix, Yasuo, Fizz...) Stay pasive at the very early game. When you have your combo dont go mad on him, let your lane push a bit, kill his front lane minions so he approaches to you and attack him Report
Just try to don't get poked by him lvl 1-3 and go all in on lvl 3 if he is not under turret (Normally he will not be under turret). Report
She counters you in everything. Play defensive, hug your tower and don't get caught in a bad position, you can farm with your Q and E easily once you get enough mana and ability power (Athene's unholy grail is great for this) Report
To counter Ziggs withLeblanc, you have to wait you're lvl 2 , and then poke with you're Q/W combo. Ziggs is a poke champion too, but you deal more damages than him before level 14 Report
Yasuo's Windwall will block all of Ziggs abilities except his ultimate. You can use the wall to block his Satchel Charge if you are in melee range of him so that he won't have an escape. Report
Focus him in teamfights, because he is able to deal massive damage to multiple champions at once. Report
You just have to play save in the very early game, but when you've got your ult on lvl 6 it should be very easy to kill Ziggs. (Maybe use comb "Q/R/E" or "R/Q/E") With this taktic he should be done in a few seconds ;) Report


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